Self-Publishing an Ebook

How To Self-Publish an eBook.

We are gonna use the 4 p’s of marketing. Place, product, Price, and Promotion.  That’s the way to self-publish an eBook.

Old Flames (Product): the first Canadian firefighter eBook featuring a firefighter and written by one.  A unique situation.  It’s a mystery with violence and a bit of romance about a hero who is hiding an old crime.  Just because you submit an eBook to a place where there’s no gatekeeper(editor) doesn’t mean you can put any piece of crap out there.  People will give you bad reviews that will stay on your book page forever.  Editing is hard work but must be done.  Self-editing is like going to court and representing yourself.   I’ve written a bit about it on my 10 myths of fiction writing.

Price: I decided on $5.99 because the book is 107,500 words and would print out as a good length paperback.  For a read this size new paperbacks are anywhere from $10 to $12.  I asked myself what I don’t mind paying for an eBook and $5 to $7 is in my sweet-spot.  My juvenile/middle grade novels are smaller and the price reflects that.  For voracious readers, eBooks are the way to go because of the cheaper pricing which removes editors, distributors, illustrators, printers, bookstores, and  large publishing houses from the process.

Promotion:  This website and another,  The former as a way to discuss writing and draw more attention to my comments on various subjects.  The latter because in spite of the 3 on-line blogs I still enjoy reading.   All my emails sent out have my website signature because you never know how far and wide your email may go.  I have business cards printed up. Reviews are vital for your books.  At Smashwords the more reviews you get the more your book will stay in the first few pages where readers look form good books.  My eBook one day giveaway on Oct. 31st via Goodreads should garner some reviews and hopefully attract them to my other books.

Place:  My eBooks were submitted through first because they configure my .doc manuscript into several formats for almost every eBook download onto every device.  EBook sites also draw eBooks from Smashwords and sell them.  I opted out of the Amazon Kindle via Smashwords deciding to go directly through AK because their name is known world-wide and I wanted in on some of their future promotions without going through SW.  A SW book sent to, and sold at iBooks or Diesel, for instance gets a % of the price, SW gets its%, and the author gets less.  Directly though AK the author gets more.  My juvenile/middle grade stories are sold for less because they are half the size of the adult ones.