Importance of Titles

Presently, I’m completing by 3rd firefighter novel.  I think a wrap up should do it, but one never knows where the creative process may lead. The original title was FIRE & ICE until a quick Google took me to hundreds of books, games, poems, etc, with the same name.  Standing out as an eBook is my focus.  My next choice MAY DAY and WHITEOUT  also encountered too many similar titles.  Now, I’m fooling with TOO LATE FOR SPRING,  DARK IN WHITE,  KHIONE (norse god of snow) RULES.

The point of a title is to convey the gist of the story as well as attract readers.  Literary fiction often takes a tiny mention of something in the book for a title.  THE POLISHED HOE for example.  Not exciting or tempting to pick up but the hoe has some significance to the protagonist.  I have to convey murder, isolation, and extreme weather.  Maybe the cover can illustrate the weather angle.

I believe a title and a super cover for an eBook are extremely important because they have to slow, and stop a book surfer for a look.