eBook trends

Harry Potter may be gone but in his wake are scores of copy cats complete with dragons, witches, talking animals, mysterious planets/cities, nether worlds. The situations/topics are in YA and juvenile/MG writing. Has this run its course? There’s always Zombies. One synopsis I read was something like : ‘these Zombies are different; they’re good Zombies’. No, it wasn’t a comedy, but I laughed anyhow.

Irony and mixed messages: I remember perusing agent and publisher sites (pre-Potter) submission pages. They all said “No talking animals”even though some of the most successful books in the genre had creatures that spoke. Which proves that the industry doesn’t know what it wants until it hits them on the head. I attempted to write a talkie about a hyena that not only laughed but sang. Well, it didn’t ring true and anyhow the furry bugger lied way too much.

So what’s next? Mystery eBooks with lawyers and cops will always be the solid rock, not normally pushing the envelope unless it’s a certain SNL skit with the great Phil Hartman when he portrayed the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. That’s pushing the envelope. You’ll always have the investigators tracking down bad guys. Women will always tear through romance books. In the genre of YA and juvenile eBooks, have the young readers grown tired of all the fantasy? Whatever goes around, comes around. Will the trend of reality ever regain its former popularity? Can young readers handle real world problems without a magic wand or secret door? I’m hoping my juvenile/MG eBook novels will start a new trend.

As eBooks shift away from constraints of traditional publishing how will trends be started? There will be so many authors and no genres cohesive enough to begin one. Walk into a bookstore and you’ll easily see what everyone’s reading. This is more difficult with eBooks. Perhaps a few savvy eBook authors might find a trend. Riding the coat tails of a successful eBook could prove more difficult for authors as they cannot feed off each other like traditional publishers can.