Fire and Ice

Should I call my firefighter work-in-progress May Day?  There’s already a lot of books out there with those words in the title.  Maybe I could ride their coat tails if readers run a search.  Or would my story just get lost in the noise? As of the end of Oct. I think I’m calling it Too Late For Spring.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  Chapter 23 received good comments from my writers group.  A few pages remaining and the first draft will be over then on to the detailed editing and eBook formatting.  I have a short story, a juvenile on (free) and maybe it’ll get on Amazon Kindle for 99cents just to see the response.  Last time I checked (Oct.27) it had 77 downloads.  I know there are voracious readers on SW as the cheap books have incredible download numbers.  John Locke, has sold a million eBooks  on Amazon beginning with a few 99 cent stories.